Modern Day Apocalypse




Modern Day Life: Surviving the Hordes of Everyday

-The Undead lifestyle of the zombie that is strangely comparative to the average working American

The pop-culture icon, the  zombie, has recently become a symbol for many things in society. Why have zombies become so popular? Why have people become addicted to the idea of zombies. What do they represent for us that’s so relatable that its scary? Are they monsters in the media or are they monsters in our own lives?

This video talks about the zombie and its comparison to humans and what people think of zombies. Ideas are presented about zombies as well as incorporates the context surrounding zombies.

Zombies came into the American vernacular through George A. Romero’s The Night of the Living Dead which was produced in 1968. Romero created the zombie that it is today, he created the original zombie that has evolved since then. Movies like I am Legend, World War Z, Zombieland, and Warm Bodies all have added to the personality and the picture of an ideal zombie. But, aside from the characteristics of the zombie, how does it relate the American and as society as a whole in modern day?

Zombies are so popular in today’s culture because the American, believing it or not, subconsciously relates him/herself  to his/her own personal liStress picturefe. Society can see itself struggle with existence in an dangerous, unforgiving world which symbolizes the zombie horde in a way. Zombies and the media help the working class American cope with, relate to, or understand his/her position in his or her life.

They know their life is a struggle and that the zombie horde has a greater meaning when compared to the busy, unforgiving, dog eat dog, survival of the fittest, modern day life they live. Zombies can symbolize things in the life of a person in the 21st century such as a personification of a fear or fears, challenges, emotional or mental baggage, consumerism, and of course technology and the obsession of it.

Zombies aren’t just in movies and TV shows but also make their mark in the music world as well. The song “Zombie” by The Cranberries was a hit when it first came out and has over 129 million views on YouTube currently.


AMC’s show The Walking Dead cleverly does this comparison of modern day life with zombies. The protagonist, Rick, struggles with and lives along side his enemies and antagonists, which are the zombies and other complications that arise in the plot. He has to survive himself while having to take care and provide for his family, lead the people he’s decided to team up with, all while trying to find a cure.  Rick in a way is a  metaphor for the regular working class American that has to fight the battles of stressful everyday life in an America with an unstable economy while having a family, desires, hobbies, and obligations to take care of. The show itself is also a metaphor for modern day life that has endless amounts of obstacles and curve balls. The Walking Dead is a fictional story but is real in a sense that it is just like modern day life, a pain in the ass and a game of survival.

In this video you can see the struggles of everyday life that Rick and the rest of the cast have to experience on a daily basis. This video encapsulates how modern day life has zombies that aren’t just physical monsters that are trying to consume you.

Zombies can also symbolize obstacles or challenges in one’s life. They can symbolize the tedious or  the extensive more difficult tasks or burdens that come with everyday life that have to be confronted and dealt with. Zombies can sometimes be easy to kill, which is relatable to the tedious tasks or obstacles that come with life. There are  more advanced kinds of zombies as well that are harder to kill especially in numbers, which is related to the harder more extensive and intensive tasks or obstacles in life. Comparing that to modern day life, those zombies that are easier to kill, could resemble tedious tasks like deleting junk emails, calling someone back that you forgot to call earlier, taking the dog for a walk, and checking your Facebook or Twitter feed. On the other hand, they could be the zombies or hordes of zombies that resemble the harder things in events in life. These zombies are the intensive and extensive tasks in life such as: filling one’s taxes, presenting a project to the CEO of the company you work for, going to a funeral of someone close to you, or finding out that you are going to be evicted because the bills just aren’t getting paid.  Just like the things that have to be completed or dealt with in everyday life, zombies never stop coming back, they are relentless.

This podcast has examples of people who are already infected with the epidemic of technology. It’s a public service announcement, warning about the indulgence of technology and references some options that can be implemented  into dealing with technology zombies and a possible zombie apocalypse.


Zombies are inherently mindless, having a single channeled way of thought, having one goal or one objective, which is the consumption of human flesh.  When comparing this to the technology boom that is so prevalent in today’s society, it makes one think that society is hopeless. Technology is a zombie itself because it consumes the lives of people, just like how a zombie consumes people. Technology consumes people with its addiction, much like a disease or epidemic, making it so that people’s etiquette and communication are lesser because of the addiction that they have to technology. It’s sad because zombies are lacking in communication just like today’s society because of technology. Technology discourages communication, because to people its more appealing to talk over social media than having a genuine conversation with someone in person. Not only that, zombie apocalypse - expectation vs realitybut technology makes things easier for the individual so it is appealing in that way as well because it makes tasks easier and provides shortcuts that wouldn’t be there if technology wasn’t present prior. Technology isn’t just a zombie itself by consuming people, but also creates zombies once they have been consumed. For those people who have their IPhones, IPads, cellphones, and computers constantly in front of them and in
their face it is already too late. Technology has already consumed them.

As you can see from these tweets, I’m not the only one who has noticed the growing problem facing society in the 21st century.

Doug MacKinnon, who is a writer for the Washington Times, contemplates this problem of technology zombies and says:

I simply can’t take it anymore. I have decided to defect and officially renounce my citizenship. Not to the United States, but rather, to “Blackberry Nation.” Over the course of the last year or so, I’ve noticed more and more of my friends, relatives and business colleagues morphing into the zombie-like creatures that inhabit the film “I Am Legend.” Rather than needing to feed on uninfected humans, these lost souls need to nourish their growing addiction to the small rectangle that is using their shrinking brains to host its evil and evolving technology. I now have no doubts. All is lost. Blackberry nation is expanding its territory as the Blombies aggressively try to vanquish good manners, etiquette and safe commuting. Your only option is to flee the madness and wait for the technology to destroy itself -unless of course, you’re already one of them. Should that be the case, please wait until you get out of the car or walk across the street before angrily deleting this column.

This video is Microsoft’s prediction of how technology will evolve in the coming years that is portrayed in a positive light. Is this good for us? Or is technology going to create even more zombies? Is this the sad fate that awaits the already zombiefied society? – A website created by the CDC, or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gives ways to help people prepare for a zombie outbreak. It’s ironic how they have ways to prepare for zombies but don’t have ways to deal with and stop technological addicted people (AKA technology zombies) that are the real threat.


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