Think before you turn up the volume


Driving itself is already a difficult task. If you do not take the proper precautions you could end up injured, dead, or injuring someone else. This is why no one should seek to make their driving experience any harder than it already is. People sometimes unknowingly allow music to affect the way the drive.

Loud, fast tempo music increases your heart rate and increases virtual traffic violations. This leads you to ignore red traffic lights, lane crossings, and colliding with other cars.

Music affects the driver’s rhythm of driving and concentration, as well as changes the thoughts of relaxation and stimulation. When you are listening to fast music, you think that you are running out of time with whatever the task is at hand. Your perception of time is affected by the tempo of the music. When listening to loud music we as humans equate quicker with longer. Music stimuli which move at higher levels of perceived activity will be perceived as longer in duration than musical stimuli with move at lower levels of perceived activity. This aspect has caused humans to quicker our thinking resulting in possible mistakes in our judgment while driving.

When I listen to my favorite fast tempo artist in the car I unknowingly do dangerous things without even trying. My favorite artist to listen to will probably be Meek Mill, he is a rapper from Philadelphia. He’s my favorite artist because I can honestly relate to him. In a lot of his songs he seems to be yelling or screaming while rapping and has mostly up tempo beats in his song. I listen to dreams and nightmares by Meek Mill almost every time I get into the car. That songs is known for getting peoples heart rate going and hyping them up. I am always hyped while driving and listening to dreams and nightmares. When listening to this song I speed without even knowing it. Also when I see a orange light I don’t slow down like every body should be taught I try to make it through the light before it turns red. Probably what I see myself doing the most without even notice is transitioning in between lanes without signaling. Fortunately I have never caused an accident while listening to loud music. I was involved in an accident with my friend who was driving and we were listening to loud music when we were returning home from one of our lifts. My friend was trying to switch lanes and he didn’t check his blind spot and ended up scratching up against another vehicle that was in the lane. I asked my friend what happen and he said that the music was loud and for some reason he didn’t think anyone was coming. Therefore the music had an affect on my friend and weakening his awareness while driving.

In conclusion evidence clearly shows that music can and will affect your driving. To help yourself out and the people around you don’t enable your driving skills by playing music that will have a negative affect on your driving abilities. untitled_


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