Rap vs. Country

What do you think the two most controversial music genres are?  Rap and Country seem to be the two genres of music that people argue over.  This is because these two genres are on different sides of the music spectrum.   Rap music is more about making a name for yourself and ways that you can make money, while country is more family oriented and has deep meanings.  One of the problems that people have with country music is that when they think of country music, they think of the stereotypical country music that is about alcohol, trucks, and that it is “twang” sounding, meaning banjos, guitars and other stringed instruments.  Yes, some country songs of today do still sound like this, but others are starting to get a more pop sound to them.  Some artists are even going as far as incorporating rappers into their music.  One example of this is the band Florida Georgia Line working with Nelly to make a remix of their song “Cruise.”

This song is a good example of artists pushing the boundaries of traditional country music because they are going away from the sound of country for the most part by adding in rap, but sticking to some of the country.  Some hardcore traditional country fans may not like this song, but some of the younger generations like this combination.  People are open to change, but it all has to be done in the right way.  Rap music of today is changing, but it is not in the best way.  Rap music today is starting to get more and more explicit, and it is starting to revolve around drugs, alcohol and sex.  These themes do not pose as a good influence on children, and some parents in today’s society are letting their children listen to this kind of music.  A way that rappers get the attention of listeners is by adding in catchy beats that people listen to first before they even think about the lyrics.  Rap music is giving kids a false sense of what life is like by making it sound like it is okay to do all of the things that they rap about.  Even though some songs may have censors, by adding in the censors it changes the whole sound of the song nowadays because it seems that every other word is getting censored.  Because of this, country music is more acceptable for children to listen to.

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