Impact of Explicit Music Lyrics on Teens


Although controversial music has always been with us, the past several years have seen a marked increase in violent, hateful, misogynist, and profane music lyrics. Whether or not these music lyrics can affect a person’s behavior is a question that has been highly debated. Some people believe explicit music lyrics are despicable and cause people to commit acts of violence or other perform other unacceptable behaviors. Those who defend explicit music lyrics believe that music is used to expression a person’s innermost feelings, but it does not promote or cause hostile behaviors.

So what do you think? Can music really cause kids to act out and be violent? Or are their other reasons behind their vulgar behaviors?

In this interview with Ashley Rongo and Lex Giova, I asked them what their opinions are on this controversial topic.

One Hip Hop artist that is widely known for his controversial music lyrics is Eminem. His music lyrics are extremely vulgar and hateful. Not only does he use obscene language in his lyrics, some of his songs actually tell descriptive and graphic stories of him or other people committing sexual or violent acts. He is also known to insult a variety of celebrities in his song such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Michael Jackson, and Mariah Carey.


Although Eminem’s lyrics are a bit obscene, through some of his songs he has tried to explain to the public that his music lyrics are over the top and not meant to be taken literally. In this music video of his famous song “Stan,” Eminem tells a story about an obsessive fan that writes to Eminem and gets frustrated when he does not respond to his letters. At the end of the song, the fan gets so upset that Eminem has continued to ignore him that he drunk drives his car off a bridge with his pregnant wife tied up in the trunk. He does this in imitation of something Eminem rapped about in a song. By making the song “Stan”, he was trying to show that the man in this song was clearly mentally disturbed and Eminem should not be blamed for his actions.

In this podcast, I will show you some examples of Eminem’s explicit music lyrics. I will also show you how Eminem has used his music and his alter ego “Slim Shady” to express his innermost thoughts and feelings.


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