How Music Impacts an Athletes Performance

Video On how Music has affected the way athletes performed

My Personal Experiences
Over the past couple of years, I have grown as a person to learn to appreciate and incorporate the art of music with my strong passion for sports and its preparation. Music is a love of mine and sports are something that my life is forever intertwined with. The sport that I play, football is a sport that cannot be played without a lot of desire, emotion and will to win; depending on what type of circumstance I am in, my music played reflects on just that. Prior to playing in a game, there are certain artist that I listen to that I use to erect emotions that will aid me in my preparation for the game about to be played mentally and physically. Artist such as, Meek Mill, Migos, Juicy J, Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, and French Montana are all artist that I listen to before games because of the message that they bring in their songs.

The lyrics in the songs help you feel as though no one can bring you down and like you are on top. For example, DJ Khaled’s coined phrase “we the best” helps me as a person get hype and prepared for whatever it may be that I am about to encounter. In the songs, the message that the artist are trying to relay usually are that they are on top, no one can defeat them, and that they fear nothing or no one. These are crucial keys to the sport of football because when engaging in this brutal sport, you cannot show fear and you must believe that any and everything you do is the correct decision because doubt in yourself shows.

In addition to preparation for a game, music can also help you outside from the football field. Being in the weight room is not always an easy task to do when there is just a bunch of dub bells and barbells laying around. Music helps me to get through my workouts as well and breaks me from my comfort zone. Sometimes if there is a catchy tune or beat being played I might use that to calm me down and help me get pumped to get through the workout. With music, I am able to not only conquer the field, but the weight room as well which is a vital necessity in success as an athlete.

Music is a tool and depending on how you use it, music can be your greatest attribute. There have been occasions where I have not had anything to listen to before a game and it was obvious in my performance on the field. Certain plays that should have been made were not and I did not meet my overall standards as a player. When I did however decide to use music before playing a game, I saw myself as the player that I knew I could be. Music puts you on another level and keeps you in the right mindset. With music, I am focused and feel as though I am capable of achieving all goals set forth by me or anyone else around me. Music just gives me the feeling of wanting to strive for perfection and be excellent so I can show off my full potential.

In sports athletes tend to use drugs or performance enhancers to get to that next level peak or point that they have never reached before. I use music to help me; music is my drug and gives me that extra motivation and determination I need to keep me excelling in my performances. Like drug users, drugs are shared and in our locker room music is shared. Rarely do athletes listen to music on their own before big time competitions. When a song is played everyone listens to the song to help the team be in sync and everyone in a same positive mindset. It brings them together as one and makes them become a family. To be a winner you must act like a winner and perform every task like a winner. In the locker room before games, the type of music played is music that puts us in the mindset that we are winners and all that we can do is win.

Michael Phelps
Scholarly Article
Music Pre-performance Routines: A look at Michael Phelps
Studies have shown that music has a major role in the way an athlete performs and helps athletes to stay focused through their pre-game routine. For example, the Star Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, who has won a total of 22 medals in his Olympic career for the United States and also holds multiple records, supports this study. He himself listens to music while preparing for his races. He generally listens to music so he can take away from all the pressure, worries, and negative thoughts that may be racing through his mind. In the Scholarly article “Musical Pre-performance Routines” by (Alexander Titkov), Michael Phelps discusses how music has helped him prepare for many of his races. Also it’s one of the ways he makes the crowd become irrelevant and block everything out of his rear view to focus on his technique while swimming through the water. He concluded that the music he listens to before his races are hip hop and a lot of rap. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games he ended up finishing first in all of the single events he raced in. After one of the races he was interviewed by NBC sports and they wanted to know what made him perform so well in his race. Michael Phelps stated that the music he vibes to before his race probably was one of the reasons he excelled to his award winning performance. He also told NBC sports he listened to the hip hop artist Lil Wayne to get his body rejuvenated and ready to dive into the water. Once entering the water Phelps elaborated on how one of the Lil Wayne songs he kept listening to was replaying over and over again in his mind like a dream. When he initially reached the finish line to take a breath of air he noticed that he finished in first place and the gold medal was calling his name. He said, “Without Lil Wayne playing in his headphones before the race, he wasn’t to certain he could have pulled out the victory the way he did.”



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