Affects Of Social Media On Our Society



How would you feel if I told you that someone with the educational level of a high schooler was impacting our society and generating opinions that people respect and value? Not very comforting to think about right…? Well I’m sorry to inform you that it is true all thanks to social media. Social media has helped artists launch their career as well as influence our society, and it’s something that is impacting us whether we realize it or not. Justin Bieber, also known as the boy who generated “Bieber Fever,” has proven to all of us that what artists put on social media impacts their fans greatly. Some of you guys may not know it but Justin Bieber launched Carly Ray Jepsen’s career with a single tweet. “Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson is possibly the catchiest song I’ve ever heard lol.” Justin tweeted this after hearing this song play on the radio while at home in Canada. This one tweet increased Carly’s hits on her song significantly but he didn’t stop there. He soon made a music video lip singing to this song and uploaded it to YouTube. Here’s the music video that Justin and a few other celebrities created.

Here’s Carly Rae Jepsen’s reaction to Justin’s Bieber’s support of her song.

It’s safe to say Justin helped her career become global. Pop stars are huge role models and the opinions they spread via social media have a huge impact on our society. Here’s a clip of Justin promoting Cary Rae Jepson on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Justin promoted Carly in several ways, but the biggest thing he did for her career was make a music video to her song “Call Me Maybe.” After Justin posted a video lip singing to this song, it didn’t take long for America to turn this catchy song into a viral sensation. People everywhere started generating their own music videos, and it became a nationwide event that resulted in students doing their dance on ABC News.

It blows my mind how many people took part in showing the world their own remix of the song. “Call Me Maybe” is just one of the examples that has captivated America and produced millions of videos of people doing their own reenactments. There are many more choreographed dances that have become popular through social media such as: Gandom Style, Harlem Shake, Dougie, Jerk, and the John Wall. If you think about all these dances they are all pretty ridiculous, but I guess that’s the point. America is set on coming out with new things that keep us entertained and we are constantly sharing our own styles via social media. No matter what we are constantly staying tuned into YouTube, “In 2010 nearly 17 million people had connected their YouTube account to at least one social service, such as Facebook and Twitter. And every minute more than 500 tweets contain YouTube links, up to 375 percent year after year.” Keeping this in mind, think about how artists are constantly pushing the limits of societal boundaries in order to create buzz like these popular videos and earn a profit? This is an excellent way to earn a profit, however if we really rely so heavenly on the opinion of someone with the mental capacity of a high schooler than what does that say about us as a society?

This week my podcast includes an interview with Kayla Rasmussen on how social media has impacted her life and those around her.

For more information on how social media and artists are influencing our society visit this website.



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