Miley as our Society, Music, and Government


Miley Cyrus is one of the most famous female artists in the world. She has escalated herself towards a level where she is unstoppable. With the power to do whatever she pleases, she has definitely shown America she’s no longer the Hannah Montana we were introduced to. It’s because, “The image of a star or celebrity is often based directly in comparison with their screen role” (Sutton).  Miley for multiple reasons can be seen as our society, our government, and music. Unknowingly she has completely exhibited all of the behaviors, activities, and momentum that our society, government, and music have faced.

This star has come such a long way to reach what she is today. She doesn’t even realize the reaction that normal fans and followers have towards her latest behaviors. More people look up to her than she thinks. She’s hit almost all styles, cut off her long and beautiful hair, and changed her appearance just like every other celebrity. She’s changing her appearance and for some reason it appears as though she can’t even make up her own mind on what she wants. All she knows is that she’s rocking it and her “Bangerz” album reached #1.

Our society is a mixture of the past decades that have all had their own trademarks and characteristics. What are we supposed to be remembered as? “America is just so weird in what they think is right and wrong” (Eells). So many styles, so much to expect, and just a complete nation that lives to impress others. That’s how Miley falls into this comparison, because she has changed everything about herself to gain attention and popularity.

Not only has she succumbed to our society, she has started to sing the most popular and only genre that seems to be played on the radio today: Pop. She has gone from singing country, to rock, to rap and pop. She has also added drugs into her life and music. She has multiple songs on her “Bangerz” album that relate to the new drug, “molly” and other substances. But you might be able to relate this back to Ozzy Osbourne and Curt Cobain because they sang rock n’ roll and encouraged drugs throughout their songs and actions too. “Whether “mind-expanding” drugs influenced the music in a positive way is highly questionable, but it sounded good at the time” (Rounds). So maybe Miley isn’t to blame for drugs and reference because others artists have been singing about drugs for a while as well. It’s all about that same type of music, that same uniqueness, and attention that it can grab. Why so much pop? Why so much talk about drugs? Miley has set the example that smoking and doing drugs can do so many wonders for you. She sings all about them in her pop and upbeat music. She has given in to the genre but has managed to keep the attention she’s always had. That’s why people see her as so incredible because she can get away with what ever she wants. Even though she has changed and brought a new look and sound to herself as an artist, she has still completely shocked America. Her VMA performance was the first thing that presented this drastic change to America.

Just some in-depth information about our Federal government shutdown:

The report Obama released talking about the various impacts and costs of the October 2013 Federal government shutdown:

Crazy…Isn’t it?

Like Miley’s performance, it was the government shutdown that created a chaotic America. That’s why she cannot only relate to our society and music, but our government as well. After her crazy and drastic performance, people didn’t know what to think of her. She was the only person talked about from the VMAs and she blew up all over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. After our government faced the severe and surprising shutdown, people didn’t know what to think of that either. It put people out of jobs and shutdown all government run businesses. We live by the government the ways fans look up to Miley so when things went wrong, America completely freaked out.

An article from Rolling Stone magazine:

This is all strange to think about, but isn’t this all clicking into place? It’s crazy but Miley Cyrus, the beautiful phenomenon that Americans have been watching for years now, can indeed relate to our society, our government, and our music. She’s THAT big and THAT much of an example.

The only thing is, I do not want Miley Cyrus going down the same Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan path. I want her to succeed with so much power and dominance in our nation because I know she can. I do not want these drugs she sings about and admits to doing regularly, getting the best of her. She receives a ton of negative criticism, but there is also so many fans looking up to her because she is so unbelievable. I love Miley! I just do not want that negative energy surrounding her to change the artist she truly is. I hope she can see past that and realize that she really has so much going for her. For celebrities, I feel like when they are fed up it is easy for them to take that adjustment down the drug and alcoholic path. There really has been way too many drug overdoses and disappointments in America, and it really is upsetting. The amount of drugs that are being passed around now and even at earlier ages is completely out of hand. Miley has many fans so she needs to better herself because she  could have an amazing break through. Let’s cut out the drugs and the curiosity that teenagers gain from listening to music like Miley’s because if it keeps going at this pace, America will be doomed. Miley has too big of a future and too much dominance in our society for her to act this way.



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