Christian rocks effect on youth

Remember those Sunday mornings where you have to wake up extra early to attend church service in your near community? Imagine yourself sitting on the pews, waiting to hear the word of Christ. But, you notice something odd, there is barely any young audiences present during service. These young droplets are tired of the churches way of telling how they should live there life, possibly making them rethink about their faith.  Here is a graph depicting the lost of individuals of ranging ages that attend church.


The church has to do something that will compensate for the loss of many young Christians. Well during 1990, rock and roll was the factor to the churches problem. With its surge of popularity the church took advantage of this and aloud the CCM or Contemporary Christian Music to be played around the services. Normally the church was comprised of traditional congregations, but now they transformed into contemporary congregations with more singing then worshipping.

Here are two videos depicting the differences between congregations and traditional congregations music. First video is contemporary and second is traditional

After listening to the change between traditional to contemporary we can see that the contemporary video depicts the styles of our generation with more catchy and rhythmic tunes that teens would like. Teens don’t want to sit through church listening to the same old piano rhythm every time they attend service. They want something that is more awe-inspiring and creative.

Well the creation of the CCM has been truly engaged within the society. As generations changed so has the styles of the CCM with the Christian rock bands that followed it. Skillet is a prime example that helped change the genre acceptance among the CCM and other Christians.

But first, we have to question whether rock is appropriate for Christians to listen too? Isn’t it to vulgar and violence? Well Skillet has been able to create a genre of hardcore rock that is suitable for Christians to enjoy. The image “Rise” was the ninth album written by Skillet that tagged the most favorite by Christians. However, not just Christians, but non Christians had formed a liking for Skillet. With their hardcore verses Skillet has maintained a balance of faith and rock that was accepted among their fans. Jesus is the epicenter for their gospel message, but John Cooper, lead singer of the band, does not abuse his name to attract publicity. Most people state that Skillet has balanced their faith and is viable in the Christian music community.

Here is a song from the album Rise

Here is an interview with Sean Hartanto about Skillet

Ned Raggett tweets about Skillets rise in Christian rock band

Now what about the Christians interpretation of Christian rock songs and the creation of CCM. The ACCC (American Council of Christian Churches) find rock music just in general to be to obscure and violent. They believe that rock music is the devils chant, listening to it is like praising Satan. A true Christian song has to include biblical words that channel the correct doctrine confirming to biblical truths (“Christian Rock- Christian or Satanic?”). The ACCC also criticizes the churches attempt to “Christianize” the devil’s music in a chance to gain back the young Christians that left. The creation of the CCM and Christian rock bands were detested among the hardcore Christians like the ACCC.

Here is a podcast outlining and exploring the effects of Christian rock on youth culture.

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