The New Miley Cyrus

If you ever listen to the radio or go on social media, chances are you probably know something about the “new” Miley Cyrus. Miley has gone from being Disney Channel’s sweet, innocent celebrity, to a rebellious young adult. Because of this large change Miley has made, many people are developing strong opinions on the new Cyrus. Recently, Miley released her newest music video, “Wrecking Ball”, which really showed off how much Miley has changed. Below is her “Wrecking Ball” video:

Throughout the video, we are shown not only the difference in the way Miley presents herself, but also the emotion that she lets out. For an actress to show this much emotion in one video is very rare, which is one of the many reasons why this video has over 300 million views. Not only do the emotions make the audience more tuned in, but also the bizarre setting. The video mostly contains Miley on a wrecking ball naked, which has caused audiences to develop many strong opinions on not only the video, but also Miley’s new image.

Whether the audience agrees with this scene or not, they are helping Cyrus reach her goal. The strong opinions people have on Miley and her video cause those people to share the video with their friends, so that their friends can see just exactly what they are talking about. When word of the video gets passed along like this, more and more viewers tune into the music video, which makes Cyrus and her video more known. This type of strategy is just what Miley was going for when she made this video, and the reason she was named Vevo’s “most-watched music videos of 2013” (E! Online).

Since people are developing these strong opinions, I decided to test it out on my own. I did a little experiment by asking 4 people to watch Miley’s old video, before the big change, and her new “Wrecking Ball” video. After each person watched the video, they then shared their personal reaction of the new Miley Cyrus with me. Below is a podcast of the full experiment and results:

Looking deeper in the video and Miley’s other risky actions lately, this is all just a part of Miley’s plan to get rid of her old image. Zach Greenburg of Forbes magazine explained it best in one of his recent articles by saying; “The “new Miley” could be sustainable–as long as it truly represents part of her personality. And her antics, crude as they may be, don’t seem too far from the norm for a partygoing college-aged youngster” (18). His statement is very true in a sense that Miley’s actions are what many other teenagers are doing today. Where do you think “twerking” happens? Certainly at many parties and clubs filled with Miley’s age group.

While many argue that this is a phase, this could really just be the real Miley coming out of her shell. Now that she is free of her Disney contract, there could not be a better time for Cyrus to show her true self to the world. Through the countless interviews and performances that have happened since the “Wrecking Ball” video came out, Miley has not shown any sign of regret or embarrassment, which is the best way for her to live. If she feels that this is the way she wants to live this way, then who are we to judge her for it?


miley tweet

Above is a tweet from Miley which she is expressing her happiness with her new life. 



Below is two images of Miley before and after the big change.

miley before and after

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