2014 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial (Lady Gaga “Applause”)

Where do you hear music? Most people would say on the radio, but the truth is you hear music everywhere; whether you know it or not. Music is played while you are shopping, while you in a restaurants, even in your own home you just might not realize it.
When you’re home watching your favorite TV show and it breaks for commercials, the commercials will have a song playing in the background. This helps hold your attention to the advertisement if you recognize the song or like the beat. Some people will just stay on the same channel just to hear the song being played in the commercial.
Well businesses do this to form a correlation between a product and a melody. This is what Kia (a car brand) did to advertise their new 2014 Kia Soul. They used Lady Gaga’s new hit single “Applause,” being such a popular song it is easy to recognize when you hear it in a commercial. So when you hear the song on the radio your mind will correlate a relationship to the ad and you will think of Kia car commercial. This happens all the time and we don’t even pick up on it because it’s in our subconscious.
This also happens when you hear a jingle for example; at the end of Glade commercials they will say SC Johnson a Family Company! This is what always gets stuck in my head after the commercial. See how influential songs or jingles are in building a brand and advertising a product. It’s not the product you remember it’s the music that triggers the image of the product.

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Author: Kate Whitmire

I am currently attending James Madison University. My major is SMAD with a concentration in Corporate Communication and Advertising. This winter I will be interning for a marketing and social media advertising agency. I also have a fashion Instagram username: ChooseHappinessKDW.

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